Tower Grove Park Wedding:Rachel & Chris

When planning an outdoor wedding there is always the concern that it might rain and ruin all of the dreaming and hard work that goes into having a good ceremony. Well, this was one wedding where the rain actually became a part of the ceremony in lovely and unpredictable ways.

Everyone was ready and in place for the 5:00 PM ceremony when, at 4:50 PM the skies opened up. It was a hard, driving rain so we scrambled and scrunched together on the bandstand hoping to wait it out. When, after twenty minutes the sky was as grey as ever and the rain had let up very little, we decided to have the ceremony right there on the bandstand.

Somehow the guests rearranged themselves to create a space and the processional began. The unplugged musicians played as the bridesmaids processed, umbrellas in one hand and flowers in the other. Rachel was escorted by her parents to where Chris, the groomsmen and I were all waiting. The intimate scene took on an almost mystical quality as we conducted the ceremony so carefully planned by the bride and groom, accompanied by the rain and the wind and the good wishes of all in attendance.

Donnell Probst Photography captured the romance and beauty of this couple and the amazing day in their stunning images.

Congratulations, Rachel and Chris!

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