St. Louis Wedding Celebrant: Fall 2018

Drinking on Your Wedding Day

Recently I have been reading posts that couples have made on a variety of wedding websites regarding drinking on their wedding day. Most refer to the amount of drinking they did at the reception. Looking back, some were embarrassed at how much they drank, others felt that they kept it under control. And then there are those who drank a whole lot and felt that everything went just fine, until it didn’t…

Drinking alcohol is considered a natural part of celebrations for many people. There are those who cannot imagine a party without a few of their favorite drinks. Unless someone chooses not to drink for religious, personal, or health reasons, it is common enough for drinking to be an integral part of a couple’s wedding day. Am I stating the obvious?  JessieShaun 031717G

So if you are someone who is planning to drink on your wedding day, I am asking you to give it some thought before the big day and to consider staying sober for your wedding ceremony. Now, if this is already a given for you, read no further. But if you find yourself saying, “Whaaaat?!” then please read on.

Your ceremony is the heart of your wedding day. In that special time, you have set aside a few brief moments out of your busy lives to thoughtfully and deliberately share your joy over the choice of your life partner with your families and friends. In choosing to be married, you are making one of the most significant commitments a person can make, with repercussions far beyond anything you can see at this time. You are taking a leap of faith in yourself and in this other human being that you will choose to love for the rest of your lives. Uh, that’s kind of a big deal, don’t you think? It’s a commitment that requires “sobriety” in all its best meanings.

Maybe you want a drink before the ceremony to calm your nerves. If you are someone who can stop at one drink, no problem. If you have trouble in that area, you may want to consider taking a pass on that “one” drink. Once the ceremony is over, then go enjoy the rest of the celebration, with all the wonderful food and drink that is usually a part of such a significant event.

As your Wedding Celebrant, I want you to have the best experience possible on your wedding day. With my focus being exclusively on your ceremony, I care about how you will experience this moment when you marry your best friend. The clearer your head, the more likely it is that you will be fully present to your partner on this significant day when you celebrate your love for each other. I cannot think of a better gift to give the one you love!

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