Marriage Vow Renewal

Recently I was contacted by a couple who were interested in a vow renewal ceremony for themselves. When they told me how long they had been married – less than a year – I knew there was a story there. We met for coffee and as we talked they shared a bit of that story with me.

It quickly became clear to me that some profoundly significant changes had occurred in this couple’s understanding of their relationship since the wedding day. And because they believed that these changes were for the better, they wanted to declare anew their commitment to one another and to growing this marriage. It was important to them to signify the deepening of their relationship by having a private ceremony asking God to bless and strengthen their bond.

And so we gathered, all three of us, as they declared their love for one another and for the children each has brought into the marriage. It was a privilege for me to witness this love, and a wonderful gift this couple has given to themselves and to their children by renewing their marriage vows.

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