Service & Fees

Weddings, Elopements, & Vow Renewals

Couples who choose my services want something more than a cookie-cutter, fill-the-name-in-the-blank ceremony. They want a ceremony that is unique, personalized, and from the heart.

The fees for most personalized ceremonies range from $350 - $550. The fee varies from couple to couple, based on the length and complexity of your ceremony, travel requirements, and the location and date of the ceremony. The pricing for your ceremony will reflect the time spent making sure that your wedding ceremony is customized, personalized, and just the way you want it.

What you get for your money is the confidence that comes with knowing that you have hired an experienced and professional wedding officiant with excellent credentials and references. I will work with you and for you to create a truly beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony.

My services include careful preparation of your ceremony script, rehearsal for the ceremony when needed, as well as officiating at the ceremony itself. I will consult with your musicians/DJ/videographer/wedding planner and venue staff as needed, and I will be available to you by phone, text, and email throughout the process of preparing for your big day.

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Wedding Ceremony Packages

Customized, Personalized, and More

$575 - $650

  • Twenty - thirty-minute ceremony
  • Rehearsal
  • Two meetings with Ruth

      Customized & Personalized

$475 - $550 MOST POPULAR

  • Twenty - thirty minutes ceremony
  • One meeting with Ruth
  • Rehearsal at the couples’ discretion.


$350 - $450

  • Ten – fifteen minutes ceremony
  • One meeting with Ruth
  • No rehearsal.


$100 - $250

  • Five – ten minutes ceremony
  • No rehearsal

What's Included?

Excluding Elopements, all my packages include unlimited ceremony script consultations, revisions, and updates; research and resource material; consultations with your musicians / DJ / photographer / wedding planner and venue staff as needed; officiating at the ceremony, and processing the license.

Travel Clause When driving more than 25 miles from St. Louis per round trip, there is an additional charge of .50 cents per mile. The Couple is responsible for all additional costs incurred by the Officiant for travel, meals, and lodging. The Officiant does not travel outside the Metro area for rehearsals.

To learn more about my services, fill out the Contact form and I will respond within 24 hours, except for weekends and holidays.

Other Ceremonies

Other Ceremonies for Couples

I am available for other ceremonies for couples, including Divorce Ceremonies.
Call or text me at 314-322-0906 or use the form on my Contact page to learn more about these ceremonies.

Funerals, Memorials, and Life Tributes

When someone you love has died, you want to remember them with honesty and dignity. Working with family members, I can create a personalized and customized service that will honor the life and memory of the one who has died.

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